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KRVN news director evolves with a changing radio industry

December 11, 2016 1 comment

By Bryce Doeschot
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 



Dave Schroeder is the news director for KRVN. (Photo courtesy of KRVN)

Growing up near DeWitt, Nebraska, Dave Schroeder was always interested in journalism.  Each evening, he read one of the newspapers that his parents’ subscribed to or watched the nightly news. Sometimes both.

He combined two of his passions and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with majors in general agriculture and broadcast journalism.

After college, Schroeder found a job at one of Nebraska’s largest radio stations, KRVN, located in Lexington, Nebraska, with a signal reaching regions of Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado.

“KRVN had an opening as an overnight announcer and I did that for five years before advancing to an evening news shift, then I moved to an afternoon news shift and three years ago I began serving as news director,” Schroeder said in a phone interview.

As news director, Schroeder begins his day with a cup of coffee while speaking with the other employees to discuss current events around the coverage area.  His day quickly picks up while reviewing coverage plans for the two full-time and one part-time reporters that he oversees.  In addition to overseeing the newsroom, Schroeder also has a midday newscast shift and he gathers news from around the community, state and nation.

“Each day, it seems like we produce more stories than the day before, so it is a challenge to constantly stay on top of everything,” he said.

The newsroom at KRVN has changed dramatically since he first joined the team 1987.

“When I started out in radio 29 years ago, it involved a notebook and a pen, as well as a recorder.  Today, as technology has evolved, so has the way that our consumer gets the news,” Schroeder said. “It is not just a matter of putting stories together for the air anymore, but also in the other formats that our consumer uses such as Facebook , Twitter and Youtube.”

Because of the changing radio industry, Schroeder said there is a great opportunity for journalism students interested in the broadcast industry.

“Radio is a very viable career that is constantly evolving to include more technology,” he said.  “There is a need for journalists in this industry.”

Schroeder offered advice for any student interested in getting into the radio industry.

“Contact radio stations and see what opportunities they might have to job shadow, do an internship and then seek the proper education,” he said.

Although the radio industry is constantly changing, Schroeder said that he loves his job at KRVN.

“I never wake up not wanting to go to work.”


Rural radio broadcaster loves the variety of his job

By Jeremy Davis
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Tyler Cavalli knew since high school that he wanted to do something in broadcasting.

Tyler Cavalli, news editor and anchor for KRVN

Tyler Cavalli is a news editor and anchor for KRVN radio

When Cavalli started job shadowing at KPMX, a radio station in Sterling, Colorado, he knew he had found his calling. He loved sports but instead of playing them, he wanted to talk about them. Since his high school didn’t have opportunities for students to announce at games, he job shadowed and did color commentary for the station to build experience.

Getting involved with the station really made him fall in love with sports broadcasting. He knew it was something that he wanted to pursue as a career.

Cavalli majored in broadcasting at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. At UNK, he was the sports director for three years, which gave him experience covering different events.

Cavalli got a job with KRVN, a radio station in Lexington, Nebraska, after he graduated and has been there since. He is a news editor and anchor at the station. Along with news coverage and some production work, Cavalli hosts a country music show on Sunday afternoons.

Even though Cavalli grew up on a cattle ranch near Lodgepole, Nebraska, he said that he hadn’t thought of going into rural radio. “It never really crossed my mind,” he said.

“You have to be talented in more aspects than one,” Cavalli said. “In this industry, you must be able to write, edit and even shoot video.”

In the day-to-day work at a radio station, everyone has to write and edit their own stories.  “In radio there really isn’t an editor,” he said.

“KRVN has a huge variety to what they cover,” Cavalli said. “With agricultural and regular news, sports and music there are many things to pay attention to.”

On a normal day at KRVN, Cavalli starts off managing all of KRVN’s social media. This includes updating the station’s Twitter, Facebook and website. In addition to the station’s Twitter account, he also updates his personal KRVN account. Along with social media, he also does promos for KRVN-sponsored events like concerts.

The rest of the day Cavalli works on getting news compiled for newscasts in the afternoon.  If there is severe weather, he will often go on scene. He said it is exciting when he gets to cover weather and fires live.

“Much of my day is consumed with doing interviews,” Cavalli said. “Interviews are a great way to get a personal look into the story we are covering in a newscast.”

At 3 p.m., Cavalli starts doing newscasts. The newscasts are usually recorded and then produced. Doing newscasts this way allows for all of the information and interview sound bites to be put together seamlessly. Cavalli said that if he has to do a newscast live he will, but he likes to have them done ahead of time so he is free if a big story breaks or if he needs to go cover something.

Cavalli loves his job and loves working for KRVN. He encourages students going into journalism to do as much as they can.

“Anything you can do to get experience helps in the long run. Even if it is just some job shadowing.”

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