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TV producer’s love for broadcast journalism job surprised her

December 11, 2016 1 comment

By Jordyn Henry
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lorena Carmona never imagined a career in journalism. As a young girl, she wanted to be a doctor.

But after she came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she discovered she was good at journalism.


Lorena Carmona

Now, she is a morning producer for NBC Nebraska in Hastings and loves her job. In Carmona’s final year of college,  she worked on “Star City News” where a broadcasting professor told her she would be great as a producer. That led to taking a chance on her job in Hastings after graduation.

“I didn’t expect to like it; I didn’t expect to do it,” she said. “At first it was hard because I had very little training.” But the TV station saw her potential.

Although Carmona majored in journalism not broadcasting, she made the transition work.  Carmona used the differences  to her advantage.

The writing styles are different. Broadcasting has a more informal, conversational tone, but you must self-edit and that’s where journalism’s writing skills come in handy. Fact-checking and accuracy are critical.

Being the producer of a show is like being the editor for a newspaper or magazine, trying to figure out what the audience likes and dislikes.

“People don’t see who I am,” Carmona said.  “I get to put it all together and I get to figure out what people really enjoy from the show. People see the anchors and meteorologist, but there’s a lot of putting stuff in and rewriting so people can relate to them.”

The best part of journalism to Carmona is dedication to the facts. “When you’re able to get the facts,” she said, “find story that nobody else found,  or help others find a reason to care, that’s what’s so great about journalism.”

Carmona’s passion for the job comes through in her work.

Carmona has been at NBC Nebraska for three years. She expects to stay longer because she enjoys what she does. She’s in no hurry to leave.

“When it comes to this industry you see people start small and then they move up big,” she said. “No matter what job you get, just keep learning. Even if you’re not a fan of it, see what else is in that field. Who knows what the future holds?”

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