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Nebraska graduate never worried about finding a job


Kaela Paseka, creative director for Duncan Aviation.  (Photo courtesy of Duncan Aviation.)

By Megan Engel
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Eight years ago, Kaela Paseka received an internship at Duncan Aviation to help create graphics and videos for its upcoming 60th anniversary.

She never worried about having a job again.

After graduation, Duncan Aviation hired Paseka as a full-time marketing specialist.

She didn’t always want to be a marketing specialist, though. When she arrived at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln she was enrolled in the teaching program.  She quickly realized that teaching kids every day was not something she wanted to do, and she began to look for other career paths.

After taking a graphic design course, she discovered the passion and knack she had for creative design.  Paseka graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with minors in art history and advertising.

She has been able to use her natural talent and college education to create and design new content so well that Duncan Aviation refuses to let her go.  Duncan Aviation has recently acquired more employees with design skills, which allowed Paseka to transition into her new position as creative director.

“I have no typical day,” Paseka said.

Before her promotion, her work varied from the creation of magazine layouts, graphic designs for online or print, trade show invites, holiday greeting cards to the paint schemes for the planes. She either hired a photographer or took the photos herself for Duncan Aviation publications.

As the creative director, Paseka still does a majority of the creative work, but she has a more supervisory role in which she is always the last edit on other employees’ captions for photos or graphics and page layout. She also oversees the videography intern’s work and offers guidance to him.

“Editing matters a great deal to me because we do not have a copywriter or editor,” Paseka said.  “I’m basically the final check for all print work before it gets published.”

She works with three content writers to create the best layouts on all print work. She uses the information they give to her to create the various graphics and must double-check any numbers or factual information about the planes or trade shows.

While she is putting pieces together, she finds herself reading over all of the material, checking for various grammatical or mathematical errors. It’s a task she has acquired over her many years with Duncan Aviation.

Paseka believes experience through a few internships is the most important thing for all students. She also said it is important to not be afraid to ask for input or help from coworkers. It is always helpful to get a second opinion on any work, whether written word or visual arts.

If a student can have at least two or three internships before graduating, then they’ll have no worries of finding a job — just like Paseka did.




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