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Sports Editor Finds Stride At Tribune

Brent Wasenius, sports editor of the Fremont Tribune (Photo courtesy of the Fremont Tribune)

Brent Wasenius, sports editor of the Fremont Tribune (Photo courtesy of the Fremont Tribune)

By Anna Sedlacek University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Brent Wasenius, editor of the sports page at the Fremont Tribune, knew from a young age that editing was his dream job. In an interview, Wasenius shared how his love for sports influenced his drive to become a sports editor.

When Wasenius started college at Midland University in 1982, he knew right away sports editing was where he wanted to be. Most freshmen in college struggle to find the spark that ignites a fire in what they want to do as a career, but for Wasenius he didn’t have to look too far for his inspiration. “I announced men’s and women’s basketball games as a junior and senior, and instantly fell in love with the fast pace and quick decisions that needed to be made,” he said. That sense of urgency is what motivated Wasenius to push himself more and become the executive editor at the Fremont Tribune as well as his regular role as managing- sports editor.

With nearly 30 years experience as an editor, Wasenius knows what it takes to be the best journalist one can be. “Get a well-balanced education. Know a little bit about everything—politics, history, business, sports, math, etc. And always find a way to differ yourself from others and don’t be afraid of internships!” Wasenius said that being involved in your major is the best way to prepare yourself for the future and gain insight on exactly what you want to do. “I worked for the athletic department at Midland and interned at the Fremont Tribune, so when I applied for a job at the Tribune, they recognized me right away.”

Wasenius said that he owes his experience at the Tribune for his internship in making him realize that editing was where he wanted to be. “The Tribune experience was very beneficial. It showed me what a daily newspaper would be like. I loved the pace and having a tight deadline.”



A typical day for Wasenius entails a strategic schedule that offers him enough time to balance his workload. “My mornings usually start interviews (for features) and some writing, then at night I cover games and plan the various pages for print and work closely with reporters and other departments on various projects,” he said.

Though Wasenius enjoys covering sports in the Fremont area, he has his eyes set on bigger and better things. “I would love to be a beat writer for a professional baseball team or work for a sports organization,” he said. Another activity Wasenius wishes to pursue one day is to coach a football or basketball team. “I have my coaching endorsement, I’ve considered teaching and coaching, but somehow journalism would’ve been involved.” Though his dream is to one-day work for a professional sports organization, Wasenious enjoys the career he is leading at the Fremont Tribune and finds inspiration everywhere. When asked about what his favorite part about being an editor was Wasenius said, “I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell, where they know it or not, and I like knowing I’m helping make that dream become reality.”

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