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Jann Nyffeler combines passion for editing with her love of music

Director of Mojo Sustainability at Bop Shop Records

Jann Nyffeler, director of mojo sustainability at Bop Shop Records. (Photo courtesy of Jazz 90.1.)

By Nate Smith
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jann Nyffeler has tried it all.

She has been a part of many news teams, hosts a jazz radio show and is a knowledgeable record enthusiast at  Rochester, New York’s Bop Shop Records.

She gained her work ethic from her first job detasseling corn in the summer in her native Nebraska, Nyffeler said in a telephone interview.

“You are up early and out in the sun all day. It’s hot and it’s hard work, but detasseling taught me how to work hard and push myself,” Nyffeler said. “Those are important traits to have in any job, especially in the editing world.”

Growing up, Nyffeler had no idea that she wanted to be an editor. She was a part of her high school news publication where she gained editing skills and reporting experience.  She didn’t think she was as strong of a reporter as her peers, but she discovered she had a knack for editing and working with others to get the best material out of them.

After graduating from The University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and news- editorial, Nyffeler started working for The Sentinel, a paper based in Raleigh, North Carolina. There, she learned what it was like to work with different people in a team environment to meet deadlines.

Nyffeler stressed how important it is to try different roles when the opportunity arises.

“I remember when someone couldn’t be at work one day, and The Sentinel needed someone to cover a classical music performance,” she said. “I didn’t have any experience doing that sort of thing, didn’t know what I was doing, but I said that I would give it a shot and ended up really liking it. Don’t be afraid to try new things.”

After eight years at The Sentinel, Nyffeler became part of several other news teams. She was a page designer and copy editing team leader for The Wichita Eagle in Kansas, worked as a copy editor at The Dallas Morning News and became copy desk chief for the Democrat and Chronicle, a paper in Rochester.

She’s also used her editing skills outside of traditional print media. She was editor and communications coordinator for George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, and was the page production team leader at the Syracuse Post-Standard in central New York.

Now she combines her editing skills with her passion for people and a love for music. She manages all of the social media platforms for Bop Shop Records, an independently owned record store in Rochester that specializes in blues, jazz and American roots music.

“I am a little afraid of Twitter,” she said. “It is a really powerful tool, but you only get 140 characters to work with so your message has to be effective. I am experimenting with different ways to promote the record store.
When we get a new collection in or we are having a sale, I come up with different ideas to get the word out.”

Nyffeler’s musical interest extends to her morning jazz radio show on WGMC Jazz 90.1

“I play the coolest jazz I can find, along with some off-the-beaten-path, wacky stuff keep you guessin’.”

Nyffeler urges anyone who has an interest in getting involved in music journalism to apply to work at their school or local paper to gain experience, go to live shows and befriend musicians.

“Just write, go to shows and just try and write,” she said. “Start a blog. It’s a great way to practice. You will have something to show someone that you can write. Become friends with musicians. You can learn a lot about music and will become a better writer listening to what musicians have to say.”

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