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For Hurrdat account manager, job is a hectic juggling act

Emily Madden, lead account manager of Hurrdat. Photo credit: Hurrdat.com

Emily Madden, lead account manager of Hurrdat.
(Photo courtesy of Hurrdat.com)

By Michael Schweitzer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

To say that Emily Madden’s typical day at Hurrdat is anything less than busy would be a lie.

As lead account manager for Hurrdat, a social media agency, she wears many hats. Hurrdat is a younger agency in an ever-changing industry, and it is the lead account manager’s job to know what’s happening in the agency at all times.

Keeping up with the day-to-day at any agency is a full-time task for anyone, but Madden is somehow able to find a way to fit more into a 24-hour day.  In her job, she must ensure that her team of account managers stays on task and accomplishes all of its goals. That requires staying in constant contact with clients and communicating any changes or ideas to her team and the agency.

As the face of Hurrdat for many of clients, Madden must be able to adapt depending on who she is speaking with and be knowledgeable about rules and regulations for various industries. As a graduate of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a double major in marketing and economics, she already possessed the skill set needed for the job, but she found that her real world and internship experiences helped prepare her.

She learned about the need for good editing skills as innovation intern at Mediaspace Solutions, which acts as a “middle man” between newspapers and any client or brand. Her role was to help facilitate advertising buys and contribute to the understanding of digital strategy in meetings. She learned that editing was the key to representing herself to clients and coworkers.

After graduation in 2012, she moved to Baltimore, Maryland, for a short time. While there she helped her cousin, a professional athlete, evaluate franchising opportunities. While doing this she realized that much of what she was doing was based on numbers, and she had very little opportunity to actually do any storytelling. Soon after she found out about Hurrdat’s opening and has since been an integral part of the agency.

Madden’s advice to students who aspire to jobs like hers is to understand the need and importance of good editing skills. As a student and a professional, it is necessary to create your own personal brand, she said, and having good editing skills will help you communicate your skills.

Her degree and training were in the business college, so she didn’t know much about journalistic style of writing including AP Style. But she’s learned on the job because it’s essential for communicating a client’s message.

Turn school projects into portfolio pieces, she said, as a way to gain experience. One example she gave was to reach out to non-profits and do team projects. By doing this, you can also create future contacts for recommendations.

Madden also offered these tips for students:

  1. Pursue opportunities to exercise your editing skills.
  2. Reach out to friends or coworkers and exercise writing skills.
  3. Make note of good writing content and styles.
  4. Develop your own voice and tone.
  5. Use any opportunity to practice.


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