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Small town editor leaves big newspaper to start his own

George Lauby is the owner, editor , and publisher of "The North Platte Bulletin"

George Lauby is the owner, editor and publisher of The North Platte Bulletin.

By Ryan Nielson
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

George Lauby decided to quit farming in the late ’90s to start working for his local newspaper.

Lauby got his start because he felt that a story by his local paper in Lexington, Nebraska, wasn’t properly covered.

“Like most people, I love to criticize a newspaper’s work,” Lauby said.

After he talked to employees at the paper about the story, he ultimately was offered a job there. He sold his farm and eventually became the editor for that paper.

Later he started to work at the North Platte Telegraph. While working there, the paper was sold and Lauby decided to leave. That was when he created the The North Platte Bulletin in 2011.

Lauby believes locally owned newspapers are needed in small-town Nebraska. He created The North Platte Bulletin so there could be a local voice in North Platte instead of a corporate one.

The North Platte Bulletin has both a website and print editions.  Online has important information but not as many features as the print edition. Because the online edition is free, if everything was on the website no one would buy the print edition. That’s why some features are reserved for print.

He employs some reporters, but he still has to do a lot of work himself.

With a limited staff, Lauby handles all of the editing and business side of the paper. “I take out the trash. I work in the business office. I design ads sometimes, and I write, I edit, I take photographs,” Lauby said.

Lauby said success requires juggling many things. His advice: Stay calm and focused. Concentrate on the future instead of past mistakes.



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