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Hail Varsity editor’s advice: Read as much as you can

Brandon Vogel is an editor at Hail Varsity. (Photo courtesy of Hail Varsity).

Brandon Vogel is an editor at Hail Varsity. (Photo courtesy of Hail Varsity).

By Sarah Frey
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Brandon Vogel is the managing editor at Hail Varsity, a magazine that focuses on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic teams.

Hail Varsity, in its third year, publishes 16 issues a year. Vogel has been with the publication since its beginning when there were only three people on staff.

In 2002, Vogel graduated from Hasting College with a bachelor’s degree in English. Later he moved to Boston where he went to school at Emerson College and focused on creative writing.

He worked as a freelance journalist, picking up stories here and there, and working other jobs as well for about seven years. In 2009, he moved back to Omaha and worked for CBS Sports. After a year at CBS Sports, he joined Hail Varsity.

Being able to write about sports is one of Vogel’s favorite parts of his job.

“I grew up a big sports fan and participate in all sports,” he said. “But the other thing for me is that I love to read. I love to read all sorts of things. So combining those two is probably what makes this the perfect job for me.”

Vogel’s job challenges are typical: juggling interviews and deadlines. But the pluses far outweigh the problems.

“I get to write, read and edit things about Nebraska football and basketball everyday,” he said, “and it’s not too hard to pull myself out of that.”

His job has many perks. He attends Nebraska football games as an official media member and now considers himself a colleague with other media members because they are all focused on the school.

“I have seen more of the Big Ten then I thought I would have.” He’s traveled to almost all of the other Big Ten campuses too.

“I think that it is important and that there is great value in staying contemporary on how people are choosing to tell stories today and how it can influence what you do,” he said. “It is easy to fall into a pattern where you read a lot of long form of magazines.”

Vogel and the staff at Hail Varsity ask themselves how can they cover the story differently? And when there are 40 different outlets covering the same story, they have to figure out how to give people what they want.

Vogel’s advice to journalism students is simple: Read.

Vogel tries to set aside an hour each day to read.  It doesn’t matter what he reads: Sometimes it is about sports and sometimes it is a magazine article.

“Read, read a lot. And then when you think that you have read enough, read some more.”


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