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FlyWheel content market coordinator says be confident

By Anna Rosenlof
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bridget McQuillan is the content market coordinator at FlyWheel.

Bridget McQuillan, content market coordinator at FlyWheel.

Bridget McQuillan, content market coordinator at FlyWheel, is a great example of why being versatile is important when working in journalism.

Although she was a journalism major and knew the basics, it was her ability to work with video that helped her land a job at FlyWheel, a WordPress hosting company built specifically for designers, freelancers and creative agencies.

McQuillan graduated from Creighton University in 2012. Initially, she thought she was going to work as a newspaper journalist, but as journalism began to change rapidly, she realized there was more than just traditional newspaper work.

She had always enjoyed photography as a hobby and decided to take some classes outside of traditional journalism courses, where she gained even more interest for photography and videography.

“I also picked up a major in graphic design because I realized that would be more marketable than just journalism,” she said in a phone interview.

McQuillan’s position as content market coordinator involves: running social media and the company’s blog, producing videos, taking pictures and dealing with customers. She is primarily in charge of the creative and marketing work for the company. Working for a really small team allows her to use a lot of her skills.

McQuillan does a lot of self-editing because of the small size of her team. As the main writer, she checks most of the work she or any of her team members produce to make sure everything is correct before it is posted on the Internet. She said, “it’s really important when it comes to things like tweets. Always reread before the tweet is sent out.”

McQuillan started interning at FlyWheel shortly after she graduated and was eventually was hired full time.

Each day at work is different than the last, McQuillan said. Every week she sets what the social media plan will be, writes two or three blog posts, produces a video and answers questions with customers on Twitter.

She enjoys the environment and people she works with at FlyWheel. With a small team, McQuillan says,”I have a lot of freedom to do what I want because they trust me and I can be very creative at my job.”

Her broad skills come in handy because  “when you have a small team, you have to work with what you have.”

McQuillan’s advice for students is to “be open to all kinds of types of journalism; not just necessarily writing and writing for a newspaper.”

Be confident about what you are doing and go off the deeper path and find ways to use your skills.

Some of McQuillan’s work can be found on her website.


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