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Lueck: ‘Surround yourself with people who are good at what they do’

By Emily Trofholz
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Kristen Lueck is a senior account executive at Man Made Music.

Kristen Lueck is a senior account executive at Man Made Music.

Although she’s only been out of college seven years, Kristen Lueck has already worked in film, television and music.

She’s now a senior account executive at Man Made Music, a Manhattan-based company that prides itself on sonic branding.

Lueck talked about her career and how she landed at Man Made Music in a phone interview.

Before graduating from Michigan State with a degree in telecommunication, Lueck was the music intern at “The Late Show with David Letterman.” The internship later opened up an opportunity for her to work full-time as the music assistant at The Late Show.

Lueck said that she enjoyed her time at The Late Show, where she was always busy getting the routine ready for the orchestra and making sure the band was comfortable and ready to perform.

Between interning at The Late Show and working there full time, Lueck worked at a couple of film festivals. Her experience as the program director at the East Lansing Film Festival in Michigan prepared her for her first job out of college as the marketing director and hospitality coordinator of the Austin Film Festival.

Because of a mentor she had in college, she was able to get in contact with Joel Beckerman of Man Made Music around the time the company was starting a new account department. The timing couldn’t have been better. Her experience working in music and with musicians, plus her connections, created the perfect combination to help her land her current job.

Lueck loves how her job at Man Made Music is different every day. “I like working in an industry that’s not nine-to-five,” Lueck said. Although that can mean late nights and early mornings, Lueck enjoys engaging with clients and sometimes manages six to 10 clients at a time.

Music is the driving force at Man Made Music. “I like how it’s such a powerful tool of communication,” she said.  Man Made Music uses sound and music to create quality customer experiences with people.

Editing plays an important role at Man Made Music.  Employees use editing software to assemble and cut music to create final projects. On the account side, editing skills are critical when writing reports, compiling notes and constructing strategic presentations.

For anyone looking to have a career in the entertainment industry, Lueck had this advice: “Surround yourself with people who are good at what they do in the industry. Be purposeful in meeting people.”

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