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An editor’s curiosity leads her back home to Nebraska

By Jolene Dreier
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Jenny Sundberg was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska: The same city Sundberg would eventually return to after internships led her to Chicago and a career in the big city. Now her career revolves around her hometown.

Starting out, Sundberg always pictured herself in a bigger city: A city full of energy and opportunity. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Sundberg moved to Chicago during the summers looking for internships.

When it came time to find a full-time job, she knew one thing, “It had to be creative.” Sundberg graduated in 2010 and moved to Chicago. After awhile, the pace of the city and her desire to be by family again outweighed her love for Chicago. Meanwhile, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce had been trying to recruit her for a role they felt she would be perfect for.


Jenny Sundberg, brand communications manager, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Sundberg accepted the job and came home in May 2011. She became the brand  communications manager at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

While her day-to-day tasks may change, her role as an editor is a constant. Sundberg ensures that all communication efforts of the chamber are clear, concise and enticing. This means constantly working to update websites, sending emails to members and most importantly, making sure all of the chamber’s events are not only attended but sold out.

“Everything in the chamber you do is so forward facing that you have to ensure that it comes through and everything looks good,” she said in an interview.  “It’s incredibly important not only the crafting the message from conception but through the final touches.”

As a connector, Sundberg notes that it is important to work with those around to make sure the message is understood. From there, it’s making sure that same message is interpreted correctly to the community.

And on some days, it means being the face of the city itself. In 2012, Sundberg helped craft the city of Lincoln’s visual identity and brand.

However, the visual identity was just the beginning. Sundberg’s daily routine at the chamber includes working with local businesses and other organizations to implement a number of fun initiatives for the city that make the brand not only seen but felt.

The role is definitely creative. This year alone, Sundberg has aided in the creation of social platforms for the city and implemented holiday-themed signs that were put up throughout the city.

In the works is a 10-week summer concert series that takes place at the corner of the downtown Wells Fargo building featuring local bands and food trucks.

“Ideas are constantly in the works.”

Sundberg recently moved to a new position — digital marketing specialist at Bryan Health in Lincoln. But she finds outlets for her creative inspiration and ideas everywhere, not simply at work. One example is her interior design blog — Nest Décor.

“The blog,” she said, “is just another thing that lets me express my creativity.”

When asked about advice that she would give to students looking into a career with creative outlets, Sundberg said it is important to be curious and keep learning.

One other recommendation: “Don’t ever stop writing.” Sundberg said it is her love for writing and reading that allows her to be such a good editor in all her creative roles.

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