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Editor Bundy finds his niche in the newsroom


By Yuliya Petrova
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

As a history major at Grinnell College in Iowa, Dave Bundy was always up-to-date on current events. Because he graduated with no job in his field, he took a shot at working at a small newspaper in Ashland, Ohio.  Having taken no journalism classes during his college years, Bundy is now editor of the Lincoln Journal Star. He said that would be difficult to pull off today.        

Having had some high school journalism experience as a sports writer and sports editor, Bundy said that is different from working in a real newsroom.

“Nobody gets into journalism thinking they’re going to be rich; people do it because it feels great to do something that makes society better,” Bundy said.

After working 18 months in Ashland, Ohio, Bundy returned to Iowa and switched his role from reporter to copy editor and worked on such things as page design.

“I was an OK reporter, but being a copy editor fit me better, more of what I liked to do. Like putting together puzzle pieces, designing the page is what I felt like I needed to be doing,” Bundy said.

“I love to write, but when you’re a reporter you’re so focused on one thing, but when you’re an editor you get this picture of everything; you can help develop a story by helping a reporter figure out sources,” Bundy said. “I like to see the whole story come together, the reporter’s story and photographer’s photos. Putting that together; it’s a lot more fulfilling to me.”

Bundy said the satisfaction he gets is from helping put everything together and complete the puzzle, as opposed to making just one of the pieces. He said he enjoys moving from project to project quickly, and for him the best thing is, “At a daily newspaper, every day you get to start over.”

Bundy enjoys seeing new reporters grow and develop their journalistic skills. “I’ve made tons of mistakes, and there are reporters now who make those same mistakes; sometimes if I can make the mistakes less painful, then it’s all worth it.”

After his return to Iowa, Bundy worked for several newspapers in the Midwest, all owned by Lee Enterprises. In 2012, Bundy had his chance to move back to Lincoln and begin his journey as editor of the Journal Star. His journey on the journalism road is still being mapped out.

“I still have lots of questions, and I always know whom to ask for which questions; I’ve met so many knowledgeable people in the years of working at different papers,” Bundy said. “There’s always a great sense of teamwork and camaraderie in the newsroom.”

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