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Editing through a Twin Cities lens

By Maria Lusk
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

When looking through the lens of camera you focus in on the beauty and importance of a shot, taking in what is most important to produce a high quality piece of art. “Being an editor of a magazine can be similar to taking a photograph,” said Laura Haraldson managing editor of several Twin Cities publications.

Laura Haraldson

Laura Haraldson, managing editor

Haraldson, a Minnesota native, currently lives in Plymouth, Minn., with her husband Scott and daughter Ella. She is the managing editor of the several magazines in the Tiger Oak Publications group based in Minneapolis, Minn. One of these publications is the Southwest Metro Magazine. She edits each article published, has her own blog and contributes ideas to what goes into each magazine.

She said photography has had a big impact on her career and said, “It plays a big part in how I view my work.” Her husband is a professional lifestyle and wedding photographer in the Twin Cities area. He has his own website at TheHaraldsons.com where Laura also contributes. Laura takes pictures in her spare time as well.

Haraldson says, “Living in the Twin Cities and having a love for this area has shaped how I appreciate this publication.” Her love for the community stems from her living there as well as getting involved in the community. Haraldson mountain bikes and runs with her dogs in her spare time, as well as roams the area looking for new story ideas.

Haraldson is the main editor for several Tiger Oak Publications, editing hundreds of stories a year. When I asked her what the most rewarding part of her job was she said, “I get to emerge myself in work that makes me happy in a place that makes me happy. It’s rewarding to get to see the amazing things and people who make up this great community.”

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