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Multi-talented broadcaster covers sports from all angles

Sean Callahan is editor of Huskeronline.com

Sean Callahan is editor of Huskeronline.com

By Cameron Dudley
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

In college, Sean Callahan knew he wanted to cover sports. The only question was how he would go about it.  Instead of settling on one news medium, he’s using them all.

Writer, editor, reporter and analyst — it’s safe to say Callahan is a man of many talents.

While attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Callahan worked at both The Daily Nebraskan and KRNU Radio before earning a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting.

The skills he acquired as a writer, reporter, and editor allowed him to start huskeronline.com, an online publication that covers UNL athletics, Callahan said in a phone interview.

His work schedule is constantly changing depending on the time of year. While the website covers other Husker sports, the site’s main focus is the football team, making the fall his busiest time of year.  In a state like Nebraska, though, there’s no off-season when it comes to Husker football.

During football season, along with his duties at Huskeronline.com, he reports for KETV Channel 7 in Omaha. He also makes weekly appearances on “New Talk” KFAB radio station as well as NET’s “Big Red Wrap-Up” television show. Callahan can handle numerous news outlets because his attention is focused on a singular team.

When Callahan isn’t making radio and television appearances or covering a team function, he most likely is covering recruiting for the football team. In a business as fluid and unpredictable as college football recruiting, social media is a great tool to cover all the twists and turns. Twitter not only allows Callahan to give the latest news updates about the Huskers but also allows him to interact with his followers.

Callahan believes it is an advantage to be proficient in multiple mediums for today’s journalists, and social media is something that everyone must get used to.

A decade ago, when Callahan began working for Rivals, a company that covers college football recruiting nationally, an online publication was still a novelty. However, as newspapers circulation drops, online publications reach bigger  audiences.

Online publications allow news organizations to update stories multiple times a day. And huskeronline.com offers online forums for its readers to respond to and discuss the coverage their website provides. That’s why Callahan believes online publications will become more common.

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