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Freelance copywriter values position’s versatility

Nicole Schmoll is a freelance copywriter.

Nicole Schmoll is a freelance copywriter.

By Haley E. Barber
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The best part about being a freelance copywriter is flexibility.

Nicole Schmoll said moving from a position with a large corporation to freelance copywriting has improved her life greatly. And the added versatility freelancing has given her also increased her passion for her work.

Schmoll graduated from the University of California at San Diego with a major in communication in 1999.  In 2002, she moved to Omaha in search of a job after her husband found  work there.  The California native was hired by Woodman of the World, an insurance company based in Omaha, as the assistant to the vice president. 

During her four years in that position,  she obtained her master’s in communication from the University of Nebraska Omaha.  She was doing a lot of writing and editing, which she enjoyed. So she decided to apply for a copywriting position  at Woodman. Not only was she hired, she eventually was promoted to senior copywriter. 

She held the position for seven years while the company went through a rebranding process.

“Woodman didn’t use advertising agencies, therefore I wrote every type of communication that you can think of,” she said, in a phone interview. “I wrote all of the sales material, presentations, marketing materials, website content and the brochures for the company.”

Although Schmoll valued her job at Woodman, she had two young children at home and longed for a more flexibility.  In 2008, she became a freelance copywriter working from home.

“I was forced to find my own clients, which was the hardest part,” she said.  “I created a website, had business cards made and had my friends design my logo.”

Next, she  created a list of advertising agencies in Omaha and proceeded to cold call all of them.   “I would bring a dozen donuts to an advertising agency with a card stating my information,” she said. “Advertising agencies love food, so it was a no fail operation.”

Her experience as a freelancer has been positive.   She works for a variety of clients, primarily providing website content.

Her advice to students: “Always stay creative, the last thing you want to happen is to get burned out.”

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