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Sandhills editor’s journalism career began in high school


Corey Russman
editor at Sandhills Publishing

By Julia Peterson
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Corey Russman’s path to becoming an editor at Sandhills Publishing really began in high school.

His high school English courses sparked an interest in language.

During his senior year, he interned at his local newspaper in Pender, Neb., to explore journalism as a possible major for college. The internship showed him he had a knack for reporting and an acquired taste for writing. After a campus visit to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he was sold on studying news-editorial.

Eventually becoming an editor was “an evolution,” Russman said.

In college he majored in both news-editorial and advertising.

His classes were nothing short of intense. He recalls long hours of homework, staying up late to complete projects and doing interviews between classes.  But it was something he enjoyed, which made it all worthwhile.

“If you have that passion for it, you know…it comes easy,” he said.

Russman gained more experience by reporting for the Daily Nebraskan during his junior and senior years and by designing his church newsletter.

The experience and the skills he learned along the way granted him an opportunity with Sandhills Publishing. The summer before he graduated, he worked there as a writing intern.

In August of 1995, he was hired for a permanent position. In a matter of months, he moved into an editing position.

Seventeen years later, he’s still working at Sandhills Publishing.

“I’ve never had a reason to go elsewhere,” Russman said.

He’s been working on the same publication since 2003. It’s called Processor and is about upcoming technology in the work place.

The job allows him to use both of his college majors.  He edits  stories that come in from writers for the publication. He and another editor are also in charge of advertising.

Russman said his favorite part of the job is the fact that it’s always changing.

“I can come in every day and there’s something different waiting to greet me,” he said.

He also enjoys its fast pace.

“It’s not mundane, there’s always something dynamic, something changing.”

He is also constantly learning about the world of technology through the stories he edits.

And he’s learned a lot about editing and  journalism in general.

He said if he could give advice to students hoping to become, he would tell them to invest in other areas of journalism as well. He encourages them to experience reporting before becoming editors.

“To be a good editor, I think you have to be a good writer.”

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