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News outlets lose credibility

Last week the Pew Research Center for People and the Press released a study showing the credibility of news organizations is at an all-time low. Only about a quarter of Americans say news organizations get their facts right.  Nearly 77 percent of the respondents said the media are biased and favor one side. And 72 percent said news outlets try to hide their mistakes.

Craig Silverman, who tracks media mistakes and is the author of “Regret the Error,”  suggests eight simple rules for accurate journalism.

Based on the Pew study, it’s clear that journalists need to do something to improve their credibility. Read both of the stories I’ve linked to in this post. In the comments section for your class, briefly answer the following questions before the start of class on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Why do you think news organizations credibility has dipped so low? What happens when news outlets lose credibility? What one rule to help journalists stay accurate would you add to Silverman’s list?

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