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New vs. old media: College rivalry mimics pros

Mashable, a blog focusing on Web 2.0 and social media news, has an interesting post about the tensions between old and new media. Greg Ferenstein, an author and educator, writes about a traditional student newspaper at Penn State and its upstart online rival.  The print paper has been slow to use social media as part of its storytelling; the upstart relies on it. This, in some ways, reflects our class assignment using Twitter. (Using Twitter as a Communication Tool) Some students were excited about trying it and others called it dumb. Read the Mashable post carefully and scroll through the comments at the bottom of the post too. By the beginning of Thursday’s class (April 22), in the comments section for your class time, answer these questions thoughtfully:

What do you think of the rivalry between the Daily Collegian and Onward State?  If you were the editor of the Daily Collegian, how would you respond to the launch of Onward State? Do you think traditional media should embrace social media? Why or why not?  As a college journalist, do you see yourself as someone who fits better in the traditional camp or the online camp? Do you think you need to do anything differently to prepare for a career in journalism today? Remember your comments are graded on both the content and your attention to the basics – style, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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