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Would you run this picture?

Editors make tough decisions daily.  Often those decisions aren’t simple with easy yes or no answers. Today, you are the editor. Would you run this picture? Would you run it on Page 1 if you were the editor of The Detroit News? Yes, that is a real dead body and a real person’s legs sticking out of the ice.

Now that you’ve made the decision, read the story that ran with this picture. Is your decision the same? Does the story change your mind? Would you run it on the front page of The Detroit News? What if it moved on the wire with the story and you were the editor in Lincoln? Would you run it on the front page of the Journal Star?

Read the column written for an alternative weekly after the picture was published in The Detroit News. What do you think of the columnist’s view? Post your well-considered comments  to all of these questions in the appropriate section below. This is due by the beginning of class Tuesday, March 30.  Remember: Spelling, grammar, style all count in your posts. Self-edit closely.

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  1. Kelly Morris
    March 25, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Before I read the story I thought there was no way I would run that picture. The picture freaked me out. Even after reading the story I still didn’t think I would run the picture just because I thought it was disrespectful to this man, who had obviously been disrespected for a good chunk of his life being that he was homeless in a city that cared little for homeless people. It wasn’t until I read the column that I changed my mind.

    I think this picture was definitely a wake up call to the city, as the columnist pointed out. While millions of dollars are being spent on new toilet seats for some of Detroit’s politicians, thousands of homeless people find that they’d rather live in a freezing abandoned warehouse than in the shelters. The picture doesn’t actually show a face or anything, and if it affected the columnist so much, I am sure that it affected many other readers as well. While I would put it on the front of The Detroit News, I would not put it in any other newspapers.

    I don’t think that it needs to go into other newspapers because it is so disturbing and doesn’t really affect other people not in the area. I would just run the story, which includes a very detailed description of the photo, and let readers use their imagination.

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