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Good headlines sell stories

The role of the headline is to both tell and sell the story. As we’ve looked at front pages from around the country in class, you have seen that some headlines do that better than others. The best headlines accurately summarize the story in a few key words. And just as importantly, they make you want to read the story.  Most newspaper readers are scanners. Often, a consumer decides to buy a newspaper from a news rack or stand based on skimming the headlines at the top of the front page. They make their decisions in seconds. And newspaper subscribers decide whether to read a story based on skimming headlines quickly. Anne Glover, of the St. Petersburg Times, offers tips for writing good headlines. She starts by saying make sure your headline actually says something!

Your blog assignment for this week is to tell me about a headline that you liked. In the comments portion of your lab section below, cite a headline that made you want to read the story. Tell me why or what you liked about it. Be specific. Tell me what the headline said and then why you thought it worked. This assignment is due in labs the week of Oct. 6.

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  1. October 8, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    Headline: Forget Logic; Fear Appears to Have Edge

    This headline is in todays The New York Times. The article was about the falling stock market and troubling U.S economy but it took a different angle by looking at the logic behind making stock market decisions. The article said people will respond quicker to a scenario where they could lose money than they would when faced with a scenario of winning money.

    What I liked about the healine was the first two words, Forget Logic. I think it sums up the feelings many people have towards the stock market, it sort of has this “screw this” tone to it that is accurate for the current times.

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