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Examining the Palin coverage

Briefly, compare the way three different news outlets covered some aspect of the Palin story.  You can look at particular stories on anything from her speech tonight to the coverage of her daughter’s pregnancy. Explain the difference in coverage and why you think the editors might have approached it differently. You can write about the actual stories, the headlines or the play of the stories. Please write your posts as a comment in your lab sections below. Keep them short, but be specific. This is due by the beginning of your lab next week (week of Sept. 8).

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  1. Anna Mostek
    September 12, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    The Omaha World-Herald, the Anchorage Daily News and Hollywood Gossip online: all three respectable news outlets with all three varying views of Sarah Palin. The news of Palin’s 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy has put the media community and every other community in America in to “investigative” mode, probing every nook and cranny of this woman’s and her family’s life.
    Omaha World-Herald online online approached the topic with a story about McCain’s camp defending Palin’s background check. The story notes that McCain’s aids were told beforehand about the pregnancy, so no surprises there. The Hollywood Gossip online took, well, a more gossipy angle bringing up ideas fresh from the rumor mill about Palin’s fifth child, Trig, actually being her daughter Bristol’s. The Anchorage Daily News’s online page is a Palin haven. There was more than one story on the pregnancy, but the one I read was pretty to the point and full of a lot of information at the same time—which I appreciated. It, as well as the other stories, quoted Palin’s statement about the pregnancy.
    All three of these news outlets covered the pregnancy differently because each of them is writing for different audiences. The World-Herald story I read told me the basics, which is all I really needed. The Anchorage paper was more detailed and seemed to get more information in to the story. While the Hollywood Gossip online edition took the more attention-grabbing approach with the topic and kept me engaged and continue reading.

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